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We sell the Dutchtronix AVR Oscilloscope Clock kit

Hardware version 3.1, Software Version 4.2

The full kit costs $29.50 incl. free shipping within the USA and Canada. Shipping to Europe is $5.00 extra per order. Please check the parts list before ordering.

Based on bad experiences, I only ship to the buyer directly. Please do not use the address of someone else in the Paypal transaction.

New kits are expected sometime in March.


Other Offerings:



bulletTektronix 013-0098-01/02 Transistor Adapter for the 576/577  $99.00
bulletTektronix 013-0099-01/02 FET Adapter for the 576/577  $99.00

Tektronix 013-0100-01 TO-3 Adapter $75.00


Tektronix 013-0139-00 TO-220 Adapter $75.00


Tektronix 013-0111-00 Diode Adapter $50.00


Tektronix 577 Service Manual (original) $25.00


Tektronix 177 Service Manual (original) $15.00


Tektronix Scope-Mobile Type 203-2 for 577/D1 Curve Tracer ($29.99. Local Pickup Only for this cart)


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