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We sell the Dutchtronix AVR Oscilloscope Clock kit

Hardware version 3.1, Software Version 4.2

The full kit costs $29.50 incl. free shipping within the USA and Canada.

Please check the parts list before ordering.

Please verify your shipping address as registered in your Paypal account. We have to ship to that address per Paypal regulations.

Based on bad experiences, I only ship to the buyer directly. Please do not use the address of someone else in the Paypal transaction.


Other Offerings:



bulletTektronix 013-0098-01/02 Transistor Adapter for the 576/577  $99.00
bulletTektronix 013-0099-01/02 FET Adapter for the 576/577  $99.00

Tektronix 013-0100-01 TO-3 Adapter $75.00


Tektronix 013-0139-00 TO-220 Adapter $75.00


Tektronix 013-0111-00 Diode Adapter $50.00


Tektronix 577 Service Manual (original) $25.00


Tektronix 177 Service Manual (original) $15.00


Tektronix Scope-Mobile Type 203-2 for 577/D1 Curve Tracer ($29.99. Local Pickup Only for this cart)


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